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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my child need to see an independent SLT?

If your child’s communication skills are not within the expected range for their age, a thorough assessment of their speech and language development may be necessary to find out the nature and severity of their difficulties.

Independent SLTs and NHS SLTs have received the same specialist training, however independent SLTs may be more flexible and have shorter waiting times than your local SLT service and therefore may be able to offer assessment and intervention much sooner.

What is my role as a parent in therapy sessions?

It is important for parents/carers to be present during therapy sessions so that similar activities can be carried out daily and to reinforce skills learnt to a variety of situations to encourage generalisation. This is essential for a child to reach their maximum potential and is seen as a very joint process between parent and therapist.

How much are sessions?

Please call on 07581 705745 or contact me to discuss assessment and therapy session prices.

Do you attend meetings and contribute to Special Educational Needs Assessment reports?

If and when appropriate, I will attend school meetings and contribute to your child’s individual education plan (IEP). If necessary, I can support statement requests with a written report at an extra cost.

Do you liaise with local NHS Speech and Language Therapist’s?

If your child is also being seen by a local NHS SLT, I am happy to discuss therapy goals and send written reports to them with your consent. This ensures that we are all jointly working together with the same objectives and goals for your child.

Where will assessment and therapy sessions take place?

Children will be seen in their home setting as this is a familiar environment to them and where they will feel most comfortable. It also allows for generalisation of skills learnt and advise any changes that may help improve a child’s emotional state and communication skills.

Therapy sessions can also take place in the child’s nursery if difficulties are more specific to interacting with other children, challenging behaviour or limited communication in less familiar environments.

One off sessions to your child’s nursery can also be arranged with strategies and advice for nursery staff working with your child.

How often will my child be seen?

Therapy sessions will be delivered in 6-8 week blocks and will take place weekly. Overall sessions will last 45 minutes with a feedback at the end of each session of how your child is progressing and with specific activities to practice at home before the next session.

What happens after a block of therapy?

After the block is completed, your child’s progress will be discussed and will be given a 2-6 week break or consolidation period from therapy. It is important for your child to have this time to consolidate skills learnt before moving on to learning a new set of skills. In this time, your child may rapidly improve and may not need further intervention. If this is the case, your child can be discharged or a review session can be offered. If your child continues to require further input, more therapy sessions will be organised.

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