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How I Work

First we will briefly discuss your concerns over the phone and arrange an appointment for an initial assessment at your home. An initial assessment will include a case history from parents/carers and an informal or formal assessment of your child’s communication skills. This will typically last for 60 – 90 minutes. If necessary, your child will also be observed in their nursery environment as part of initial assessment. If requested, a comprehensive report with a profile of your child’s current communication skills and difficulties will be written.

Then dependant on assessment findings and the nature and severity of your child’s difficulties, you may be offered:

Home Programme

An individualised written programme of activities and advice for you to carry out at home to improve your child’s communication skills (indirect intervention).

Nursery Programme

An individualised written programme of activities and advice for nursery staff to carry out in your child’s nursery environment (indirect intervention).

Individual Therapy Sessions

This will be direct intervention and will take place in your home and/or at your child’s nursery. Sessions will last up to 45 minutes depending on your child’s age and attention and listening skills.

A block of 6- 8 sessions will initially be offered where parents/carers will asked to be present so that strategies used in the session can be implemented in their everyday environment.


Your child will be discharged if their communication skills are within normal limits and no further input is required.

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